Sagnier & The Modernistes. The architect's vocation 1880-1930

This is not just another book about Modernista architects, rather it provides the context in which the profession of architecture was practiced during the Modernista period by Enric Sagnier i Villavecchia and four other architects who were practicing at the same time. It sheds new light on the subject and includes new material, such as a chronologyof these architects' major works, a graphological study of theis characters and an account by Lluís Permanyer, of their professional activities.

There was a national and international dimension to their work, although it was concentrated mainly in Barcelona for half a century, where it has become one of the main tourist attracctions of a city that has taken pains to conserve this heritage although, it should be said, many of these works no longer exist. A selection of contemporary photographs of the buildings and their surroundings shows how the architecture has devoloped since then to the present day.

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